what you’ll learn

Meet Charlie.

He’s ambitious, talented and eager to succeed. He’s also completely

lost. When his father experiences a troubling life change, Charlie’s entire outlook on

career and purpose is challenged.

Meet Brooks.

He’s wise, balanced and prosperous. He’s also very well connected.

When Charlie stumbles into his mountain cabin, an unlikely friendship begins.

Follow along in this engaging, easy-to-read story and understand how to

passionately connect Who you are to What you do everyday.

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Don’t let The Pando Principle end with the story.
Purchase the workbook to put theory into practice.

•Try exercises to establish your Core Values

•Learn how to craft your personal Connection Statement

•Use Jay’s worksheet for creating your Connection Plan

• Access the exclusive Optimal Week template

• Work through a scorecard process to Review and Adjust

what people are saying

  • Rick Combs, Business Owner and Chick-Fil-A Owner/Operator “I read. I read! And I read! There are more leadership and self-development books than you can shake a stick at. There is good stuff in all of them but the trick is finding what works with you. That can be difficult sometime… ok, most of the time. How can you live, lead, help others or simply enjoy life if you don’t know why or how? Jay Hawkins takes us on a journey via the Pando Principle that helps us discover what we all want… that is, how to determine why we enjoy what we do and how all aspects of our lives from self, families, careers and businesses, and successes are all connected to who we are. The Pando Principle will bring it all into crisp focus. It is a must-read for putting all aspects of our lives together and in sync.”

  • Dr. Jack Coiner, Partner at The Women's Center OB-GYN Associates “Life today is full of distractions. To get anything accomplished requires focus and sacrifice. "The Pando Principle" aids in navigating to your goals by ensuring the focus of your time and effort is constant with your global vision. Jay has demonstrated this both professionally and in his home life. Applying the Pando Principle to your life will enrich your priorities, and decrease the clutter of things that add no value back to your life.”

  • Chris Lassiter, author of  You’re Grounded The Pando Principle is a true gift to everyone wrestling through the seeming tension between career and purpose. Not only does Jay Hawkins have a brilliant business mind, he’s an excellent communicator. Readers will connect quickly to the characters in this tale, and the principles laid out clarify how we live into what we were made to do. I can’t wait to go through this book with a few of my closest friends.
  • Scott Wozniak, Leadership Consultant and Author of "How To Fail As A Leader" “This book reads like a good novel, infusing truly deep insights with energy and color. And along the way you’ll learn that you don’t need to endure the the end of your work week, feeling alive only on the weekend. You can be deeply pleased with your life at the end of every single day.”

  • A.F. Rodgers, Football Coach and Athletic Director In The Pando Principle, Jay Hawkins provides depth and clarity to the idea of connecting who we are to what we do in all areas of our lives through an engaging story. This book provides a plan of action for people to gain an understanding of how we can be fulfilled in our lives. Too often in today's society, we tell young people that they can be whatever they want to be, but there's no guidance or direction given. This book offers an alternative to the plethora of self-help books and instead engages people with who they are and directing them to seek out a life that connects their career, family, and passions together. I'd recommend this book for all young people and the young at heart!
  • Jim Toth, retired Marine Corps pilot and Chick-fil-A owner/operator “To summarize The Pando Principle very quickly: I loved it. What an insightful, poignant, and most importantly, actionable book. In the vein of many great writers, this is an intriguing fictional story with an in-your-face challenge to readers. I plan to go back and read it again to grab some of the nuance I surely missed the first time. As a transitioning Marine Corps officer, it’s just what I needed. Powerful.”  

I'd love to chat with you

About Jay

Hi, I’m Jay Hawkins, author of The Pando Principle. I’m honored that you’ve taken a few moments to read about our project. Thank you!

Like most of us, I was frequently asked as a teeneager what I wanted to do when I grew up. Would I become a Baptist minister like my father? Did I want to become a business owner like many of the entrepreneurs I looked up to? Might I pursue a corporate business career where I could command a large salary?

These were all good questions. At times, I felt a pull towards each of those paths and what they offered.

As a business and psychology student at Clemson University, I began to see how many of those well-intending people were asking good questions, but in the wrong order. I determined that rather than selecting a career path based on salary, benefits and the job market, I’d look for opportunities to live out the vision I had for my life: To create opportunities for myself and others by developing leaders that impact and influence the places they serve.

That led me to a $6 per hour job at Chick-fil-A. Why? I determined my values and desire to lead and influence could best be accomplished in an organization that would give me ownership of a business, community influence and the chance to work with future leaders. So, I started breading chicken and sweeping floors. To become an owner-operator, I had to live out The Pando Principle at the bottom of the ladder.

By 24, I was accepted into the Chick-fil-A interim manager program, and for two years I led Chick-fil-A stores near Denver, Colorado and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After exceptional performance in those locations, I applied to become the inaugural owner-operator of a brand-new Chick-fil-A in Waynesboro, Virginia.

About 35,000 owner-operator applications come in to Chick-fil-A every year. Only 80 on average are granted. When I was selected at age 26, I become one of the youngest operators in the chain. While leading my store’s managers, team leaders and dedicated staff through many of the virtues in The Pando Principle, their amazing effort and hard work resulted in store sales that nearly doubled expectations. Today, the business is one of the most influential in Augusta County, Virginia, where we impact 15,000 guests every week and serve our community through 750,000 interactions with customers and neighbors each year.

These results have opened doors for me to now serve as an operator coach for Chick-fil-A, where I share thought leadership, performance training and management consulting with colleagues across the country. I’m also an emerging speaker, leadership coach and entrepreneur both inside and outside the Chick-fil-A family.

I’m proud to share every step of this journey with my beautiful wife, Katherine, and our two children, Caroline and James.

I believe connecting Who you are to What you do can unlock tremendous amounts of untapped potential. If I can help you experience that in your personal development, your business or your nonprofit organization, let me know.


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